About us


We are a non-stock, non-profit Association of LPG players and stakeholders in the country.


Philippine Liquefied Petroleum Gas Inc. or “PLPGA” for short was established some 51 years ago by six (6) pioneering and visionary gentlemen in the LPG business and related activities. The Association is a “non-stock” and “non- profit” organization, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 7th November 1966 with its 1st office in Binondo, City of Manila. PLPGA has (3) types of members: 1) Regular member -membership is by Company only whose line of business is LPG or related to LPG. 2) Associate Member – any company not qualified as Regular member but interested in the attainment of the purposes of the Association. Associate member may participate in the activities of the Association but may not vote or be elected. 3) Honorary Member – any person, who has served the caused and/or contributed to the progress of LPG Industry, has done exemplary work or has been credited for noteworthy accomplishments in national affairs. Honorary member may attend the meetings but may not vote or be elected.

In one Association year, during its “heyday” PLPGA registered its highest membership of (30) plus companies involved in such diverse activities as LPG production in refinery; LPG bulk importation, storing and terminalling; cylinder refilling, distribution and marketing; cylinder manufacturing, requalification and repair; supplying LPG equipment and components; fabrication and construction of pressure vessels; appliances and system installation for commercial and industrial accounts; providing engineering, technical, testing and inspection services and supports; transporting and hauling of products.

At present, PLPGA has twenty (20) company members and this year we have (9) new company members that we will induct tonight. We are still a growing LPG Association. We in PLPGA are proud to say that “we are strong advocate of SAFETY in our work places and environment. We are always for SAFE operations (storing, handling, transferring and transporting of LPG products) and for SAFE maintenance of equipment and facilities. PLPGA is one of the Associations mandated to educate and train LPG technicians who shall install appliances, equipment and systems for domestic, commercial and industrial accounts. This mandate is specifically stated in R.A. 9514, the National Fire Code of the Philippines 2008. We have also commitment with DOE to help in the training of personnel of LPG industry players and stakeholders for the SAFE handling, storing, transporting and use of LPG in businesses. Most of us are aware that a pre-requisite or requirement of DOE to grant an LPG player or stakeholder with a Standard Compliance Certificate (SCC) is to have a Certificate that their personnel had undergo LPG Seminar and Training for Knowledge and Safety

PLPGA conducts LPG Seminars and trainings the whole year round for our member companies, their staff and personnel, non-members and individuals who are interested about LPG knowledge and requirements on Safety for LPG activities. We have graduated more than 800 technicians, dealers and LPG refilling operators for the last (5) years. Most of these graduates worked in our local companies but there are those who went abroad and were hired on the basis that they were experienced and trained LPG technicians, installers and refilling operators. The PLPGA Certificate and LPG Technicians ID card are acceptable to foreign companies requiring the needed skills for LPG operations in the Middle East. 

We are an active member of several technical working groups (TWG) on LPG issues, concerns and on setting of Codes and Standards under the DTI-BPS and DOE. We are a regular member of the BPS technical committee on LPG cylinders, the TC/6 – Gas Cylinders. We are participants to revisions of Standards for LPG cylinders PNS 03-1: Part 1 (manufacturing); Part 2 (requalification); Part 3 (repair). We are humbly proud to mention that we have an active part in drafting and completing the 1st – Code of Safety Practice in LPG Refilling Plant that was launched last December 06, 2017 with DOE Secretary Cusi, during the DOE Energy Week 2017 in DOE Activity Hall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 





The association is an active participant and a member of DOE TWG on standard setting and formulating safety rules and requirements for the LPG Industry. We had been part of the TWD that crafted and completed PNS/DOE FS 2:2006 – LPG Refilling Plant Requirements; PNS/DOE FS 3:2008- Auto LPG Dispensing Station; Safety Code of Practice for LPG Refilling Plant 2017.

The Association is in the fore-front LPG training and education of staff, employees and personnel of companies on LPG Knowledge and Safety. We had trained and Certified more than 700 LPG technicians, dealers, Re-filling Plant operators, Auto LPG Dispensing Station Operators for the past 10 years.